Magnolia 5.0 Alpha 1 at your service

In September at the Magnolia CMS conference we demoed the Magnolia 5 preview, revealing the new UI and its interaction pattern. We showed how to work with Apps and how collaboration works via The Pulse. Now, 3 months later, after tackling no less than 420 tasks (change-log), we are shipping the Alpha1 release.

All this is demonstrated and summarized in the following Video:

Now if you are curious, just download and try it!

We could endlessly talk about technical details but the following are the most noteworthy improvements since the preview:

App API: The framework is vastly improved. You can make apps with just a few lines of code.

DAM: The new hub for media types is now integrated it into the STK. This means that you can do basic image operations (such as cropping) and to navigate simply using the thumbnail view.

Configuration by Code: Magnolia CMS can now be configured by code. We expect this to be extremely useful during project development as it will make deployment and updates much easier.
–> see details

Meta Data: Replacing the MetaData sub nodes with JCR mixins has removed one of the biggest performance issues. You can now use specific mixins like mgnl:renderable or mgnl:activatable.
–> see details

CKEditor: The latest CKEditor means you get rich content editing. The new integration is based on custom plugins and allows for the addition of other functionality in a Vaadin friendly way.
–> see details

Old AdminCentral: It sounds easier than it actually was. Getting rid of the old AdminCentral meant having to write a new Security App, create a basic Configuration App and integrate the old Tool pages into the new UI. In addition, the Maven project structure is restructured into an independent Main and UI project.

User interactions: One of the biggest changes is that now you can open a tab per item in all content apps. (This is the same pattern already being used in the pages app.) The result is a much better user experience, providing room for even more actions. On top, each of the tabs can be bookmarked.

And what’s next?
We target an Alpha 2 release in January to improve and finalize the existing code base. We will be finalizing the essential API so that real development can begin.

When will it be final? We have stripped 5.0 down to what is really essential to replace the Magnolia 4 series. We are positive there will be Beta ready in early Spring. Additional new features will be shipped with successive releases of M5. You probably agree that we don’t want to wait much longer for the 5.0 final, right? Once this is out we can innovate at a much higher pace! I am sure of that ;-)

5 thoughts on “Magnolia 5.0 Alpha 1 at your service

  1. It seems that the new asset management and the new mixin types could be obstacles for an upgrade from Mgnl 4.5.x to M5. Furthermore it looks good.

    • Right. The update tasks to migrate the DMS and meta data of content already exists. We are also processing old bootstrap files when they get imported. This migration is a linear process and should not cause much problem. But what has to be taken into account is that we have a new DAM API and that queries based on meta data have to be rewritten (they get simpler in the end).

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