Magnolia 5.0 Alpha 2 is ready

Alpha2 is the latest milestone release of our upcoming Magnolia 5.0. You can download the CE bundle from our Nexus server.

What is new in Alpha 2

Here’s a catch-up on the latest improvements:

  • We re-added the basic activation and revived the commands.
  • We now use Vaadin 7 (Concept) which was released a few days ago.
    • Our client side code benefits significantly from the improved communication layer.
  • CK Editor 4 (Concept)
    • While moving to Vaadin 7 we adapted our wrapper for the CK Editor which now uses the latest CK Editor.
  • DAM
    • We added basic video support (Concept) (Phase 1 in the Concept paper.)
    • Many decisions were made about the API and the terminology was clarified, now we look forward to following through with the implementation.
  • We also reviewed all the essential new APIs.
  • We had two weeks in which we just tackled some of the technical debt.
  • The project structure moved towards our final planned structure.
    • DMS is not bundled anymore, it is now completely replaced by the new DAM.
    • Admin Interface: is removed, the commands were moved to other modules (core, activation…)

What is planned for Alpha 3

Here is what you can expect to see in the Alpha 3, to be released on the 6th of March:
  • The main goal for Alpha 3 is releasing a final API so that you can start to build!
    • Concept to improve the App API
    • Concept to improve the Content App API (the new data module)
    • Concept to handle dialogs, forms and fields
    • Concept for restructuring the modules and packages of the UI project
  • Workflow/Pulse
    • The complete activation and review workflow should work again.
    • A lot of effort goes into exploring the possibility of opening the workflow system up for general usage.
  • DAM

PS: Some of us will present Alpha 3 at the Magnolia Amplify Conference in Miami. CU there!

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