Magnolia 5 Alpha 4 is shipped and we are getting ready for Beta1

We shipped Alpha 4. This time we haven’t added shiny features but worked on the existing features and made the bundle ready for a final release.

  • We added a set of Selenium based UI tests to span a safety net for the coming releases
  • Improved the tree and its styling
    • it feels much more stable now and the visual jittering is gone
    • drag and drop support for moving nodes
  • Worked on the configuration app so that we can drop the old admin interface
  • Introduced the legacy admin interface module which can run old modules in legacy apps
    • this makes the transition to the new system much easier
  • Improved the forms and dialogs API
    • we got rid of more than 10 classes
  • Improved the naming in content apps to make it easier to teach and understand the concepts.

And what is next? We are working on Beta1 and focus again more on features

  • Favorites, add the current location to the favorite list
  • Message views in the pulse to support complex processes
  • Multi language content authoring

So you can expect some new shiny videos in a month ;-) Go go Johnny go!

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