Magnolia 5 goes Beta

In the last iterations we focused again on features and are happy that we manage to reach the next level. We are now beta. Get it now!

The following few videos demonstrate the most important achievements.

Content Apps
We were talking about content apps a lot. Check out how they work and how they can be configured.

If you want to explore on your own just follow our step by step tutorial: My first Content App Tutorial

Now just add your favorite locations in the application. Ever wanted to save bookmarks to a node in the configuration tree? At your service!

Workflow/Message Views
The workflow now communicates with the Pulse. The message view and possible actions can be defined for each workflow step. This opens the door wide open to implement any kind of processes and makes your content alive.

Notification and UiContext
Guide your users by showing notifications and confirmations. Its easy, just use the app developers best friends: the app, sub app or UI context. Open dialogs modal to the entire UI, the app or just the sub app.

Multilingual Authoring
Multilingual authoring itself is not new, but now you can choose the content’s language in every dialog.

On to Beta 2
Now we hunt down the details to make the new Magnolia snappy, handy and convincing. If you currently miss some transitions, keyboard shortcuts or think that the configuration tree could work better, these are the things that we will attack now.

Greetings from the Dev Team!

7 thoughts on “Magnolia 5 goes Beta

    • Ha ha, I got asked about the missing logout button billion times in the last weeks. Finally its done and will be shipped in Beta 3. Cheerio ;-)

  1. It would be great if you can click on a path in the configuration. For example a dialog config path in a template conf, and jump directly to this dialog config.

    • Yes, “clicking on paths” is part of the “lower the entry barrier” package when we improve the tooling for the developers.

    • We are going to add this kind of tool (form, template editor and other dev tools) in later versions. Currently we ship the “basic” platform which allows us to innovate after on.

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