Magnolia CMS and PHP – a lovable Frankenstein !

“Yikes”, I hear some say. But put your curious hat on, and read on. The possibilities are endless.

Back in late 2011, we were contacted by the fine folks at Liip – they were hard at work on PHPCR, and were looking at creating synergy with the JCR world. It took a little while before we got our hands dirty, but one day in April, I went to meet Lukas, David and Alain – they showed me what PHPCR was about, and what they’d done with it so far. We proceeded to look into integrating their work with Magnolia.

It’s a little cliché for Java developers to be wary of the PHP world and its many flaws. And it’s refreshing to see that the cliché isn’t all that true. The platform does have its flaws, but its users, instead of rambling and ranting about it, spend their time actually doing stuff. I liked it. The PHPCR code felt instantly familiar; it really is a port of the JCR API, and a few goodies (e.g an Object-Document mapper).

We spent a little time figuring out how to approach the integration – but it turned out to be very easy. JackRabbit ships with a “DAVEX” servlet, and Jackalope is an implementation of PHPCR which can talk to Jackrabbit via DAVEX. A servlet, you said ? Yeah. So if you’re familiar with Magnolia, you’ll realize that all it took was for me to configure a servlet with Magnolia via its configuration tree, drop a couple of jar files, and voilà. Once that was done, Lukas, David and Alain were able to read nodes, properties and documents from Magnolia, as well as add or edit existing ones in a matter of minutes ! You’ll find a quick how-to on our wiki.

Lukas presented PHPCR at the Magnolia Conference last fall, and we’re now happy to host a webinar with David, in just a week, on February 28th. I’ll be moderating the webinar (which is a fancy way of saying I’ll be holding the microphone for David, really), but I’ll also be happy to assist David in answering questions you might have after the presentation. If you’re a PHP developer curious to see if and how you could integrate with Java CMSes, and Magnolia in particular of course, you should attend ! Likewise, if you’re familiar with Magnolia but would like to see how to integrate with PHP-bases application, check it out. Find out more about the webinar and register !

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