Magnolia & Groovy

Oh, the bad puns one could make in the title of such an article.

Two weeks ago, we released the first milestone of Magnolia 4.3. Amongst other things (see my team mates’ blogs in the side bar!), we introduced Groovy support. It’s something that’s been done before (most notably by the folks at openmindLAB with their Groovy shell module), but we wanted to take things a few steps further.

I recorded this video (my first attempt at doing so – an experiment, really. Be forgiving) to try and show the basic features.

Now that the 2nd milestone for Magnolia 4.3 has been released, there’s more. Scripts are storable and editable in the repository, amongst other things! Edit your templates, your models (scripts), all from within the browser (or WebDAV), and publish it all, without manipulating jar files. Woohoo.

This new module is available with the Community Edition bundle (see the /add-ons folder). The sources are in the /community/modules section of our Subversion repository, and it’s also available in our public Maven repository. Discuss it on our mailing lists, and report any issue you might have on our issue tracker (patches welcome as always). But most importantly… ENJOY !