Magnolia turns 10 – turns out I’m a 7 year old Magnolian, too !

There seems to be a trend among some old timers at Magnolia to write about what Magnolia turning 10 meant to them. I followed suit; other than making me feel old, here’s what I came up with.

I joined Magnolia in 2006. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was joining a company that went through a bunch of hoops, ups and downs, and was just on the verge of taking a huge bet by releasing its first “Enterprise Edition” – a paid-for version of an otherwise free and open-source piece of software, which was a fairly new concept at the time. Oh well, what could go wrong ?
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Git at Magnolia

You might have heard or read about it, Magnolia is finally moving to Git.

The main reasons for this move are the pains of merging and branching (i.e we just don’t branch as much as we should because Subversion makes it painful) and pull/merge requests as a way to make contributions simpler for users as well as for us to integrate.

I’ve been investigating tools for a while and I’ve come to a few conclusions… and more questions. Some of the requirements for having our codebase moved to Git make this choice a little more complicated than I’d like.
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Follow-up on Magnolia User Group in Prague

On November the 24th, almost 3 weeks ago, a few lucky people met in Prague, Czech Republic. The second ever Magnolia User Group meeting was held. Chances are you heard about it if you follow Magnolia posting, but please read on. While this is my first blog about the concept and the event, I tweeted a lot about it and sent a couple of emails around.

What’s a Magnolia User Group? What happened in Prague? Why should you care? Read on!

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