Wait, why don’t you know about our Forum yet ?

Forum Romanum Rom 4 months ago, I was whining about the fact that I couldn’t find a good-enough forum software.

In the background, we always wanted to improve our own forum; there were many shortcomings and the task seemed daunting. Well, that was without counting on help from the fine folks at Openmind. We’ve been hard at work to figure some of the big issues out, and long story short, our forum has been online since more than a month ! Check it out at http://forum.magnolia-cms.com.

Now, there’s still a lot of things to do there. One of them being improving the OpenID support. One silly bug, for example, is that if your Google account name contains accent, you won’t be able to login (I had to go and edit mine). And up until a few minutes ago, many users had wrong permissions for some silly reason I won’t disclose here (although you can find details on our issue tracker as usual)… so if you’ve tried it in the past, and gave up, please give it one more chance !

Another thing I’m hoping to get done is a bidirectional integration with our mailing lists, and improve the RSS feeds.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and share your ideas !