Magnolia CMS and semantic technologies – follow-up on the SalsaDev webinar

Back in August, I introduced the “External Indexing Module” for Magnolia CMS. Just last week, we had a webinar with salsaDev, where they introduced their technology stack, and I demonstrated how to use it with Magnolia and the External Indexing Module.

For those who missed it, it’s now available on our website. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to address all questions asked by the audience. We usually send a follow-up email to the audience of webinars, but why not publish those unanswered questions as well ? Well, we decided to go ahead and just do it. It provides some interesting insights and different perspectives on the problem and the solution. (Questions were anonymized, some questions were slightly rewritten or merged when they touched on similar topics. The answers were written collegially by salsaDev and myself)
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Opening the door to semantic search in Magnolia

In the past couple of months, by pure coincidence, we have been in contact with two independent companies providing semantic search services. Less coincidentally, customers have been asking for semantic search features in Magnolia for months. Trending topic ? Yeah, pretty much. While it can sound like a mishmash of buzzwords, “semantic search” can mean a lot of different things, but generally provides different – or new – ways of looking at, and navigating, your content.

In this blog post, I’ll expose a few of the problems we have with regular searches in Magnolia, and how we’ve implemented a module that allows using the above mentioned services, bringing semantics into Magnolia !

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